6 Kitchen Design Features That Designers Always Recommend

A lot is required when designing a functional kitchen. Kitchen remodelling has never been an easy task, and it requires a lot of work. In this article, we have highlight some kitchen ideas that most kitchen design professionals recommend for new kitchens. Here are some of the kitchen design suggestions that can help you create a stunning look and feel in yur kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets 

Using kitchen cabinets improves the space in the kitchen. Kitchen utensils and cookware can be hidden in the kitchen cabinet, reducing clutters. You can use the kitchen cabinet to store appliances such as blenders, toasters, food processors, mixers, etc. This ensures that the kitchen is clutter-free.

Pot Filler

A pot filler is one crucial feature of many kitchen design recommendations by professional designers. The pot filler makes it easy to fill a large pot of water without going through the hassle of carrying a water-filled pot from one point to another. Most modern kitchens have a pot filler.

Charging Drawer

Devices and gadgets are now a significant part of modern living, considerinh how we use them almost all the times. A charging drawer in the kitchen allows you to safely charge your gadgets while in the kitchen without water or oil getting spilling on them. The charging drawer helps organize your electronics’ wires and cords. It prevents electric shock, accidents and other mishaps associated with wire entanglement or bridging.

Layered Lighting 

Light adds a scenic ambiance to your kitchen. Different kitchen activities need good lighting. It makes the place conducive for cooking, washing dishes, displaying collectibles, and other activities.

Quality Cooking Appliances 

One of the kitchen design recommendations from top kitchen designers is getting top-quality cooking appliances that will make your cooking process easier and help you cook quality meals. A high-quality oven and cooktops is a very good feature that improves the beauty of your kitchen.

Get a custom vent hood

A good ventilation hood removes smoke and cooking odors from the kitchen. It is also effective in removing excess heat and making the air in the kitchen fresh and cool. Many designers suggest getting a custom metal hood to increase the kitchen’s appearance and make it look neat and stylish.

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