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The Most Popular Kitchen Colors and Color Combination In 2021

he kitchen is known as the heart of the home, where cooking and dining experiences with family or friends take place. So you want to make it look warm and welcoming. The first thing that captures your attention when you enter a space is the color. There is something about colors that makes a space welcoming, peaceful, and charming.

Remodeling your kitchen can be a difficult task, especially when choosing colors that best suit your personality. Let’s dive into the most popular kitchen colors in 2021 to help you make the right decision.

The Green Kitchen

The most interesting fact about green that makes it trendy is its ability to create a modern expression and a vintage atmosphere. This vibrant color link to nature creates a calm and vibrant feeling. Green’s most popular shades are mint, sage, olive, forest green, but the most popular shades are forest and sage green.

The Blue Kitchen

In the past couple of years, blue has won its way into the hearts of many homeowners. And that hasn’t changed. In 2021, blue is still known as one of the best color suggestions for kitchen design. Blue shades such as pastel, turquoise, and navy blue, are brillian the most popular tones of blue trending. As for navy blue, there is just something about the hue that feels so peaceful, charming, and timeless.

Most Trending Color Combination

Colors can also influence the size of your kitchen. Depending on the color of choice. So you might want to play with the right color palette to define your personality and create that satisfying look. Here are few color combination tips for your kitchen from popular kitchen color combinations in 2021:

1. White and deep shades

Splashes of white kitchen walls and dark cabinets like navy blue, deep grey, black, etc., never go out of style. They are here to stay. A dark color can take up a lot of space, while white color creates space. So balancing these color palettes to suit your style can be tricky

In addition, for a modern and luxurious look, deep shades are best detailed with marble worktops and gold and brass accents.

2. Neutral Blends

These classic, timeless palettes are gaining popularity in 2021. The neutral blend palettes such as pale pink, soft blue, light grey, soft sandy and earth tones, etc., can bring a lot of calm sophistication. This is the best color suggestion for kitchen design if you are not into strong colors. They are breathable and warm and can give a small kitchen a bigger look.

Useful Tips For Kitchen Design

When going for an all-white kitchen color, adding a marble touch and metallic details can be very classy. Sprinkles of color here and there with plants would be great as well. If you are going for deep shades for your kitchen wall or cabinet, the touch of Gold accents is timeless. This also looks sophisticated in a neutral tone kitchen.

If you are still in need of more information on the most popular kitchen colors to get ideas for your dream kitchen, speak with our kitchen design gurus at Vega Kitchen today at (914) 350-3005 to create your perfect kitchen design.

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