How To Save Money When Renovating Your Bathroom

Carrying out a bathroom renovation is usually expensive. However, there are strategies that helps you save some costs on your bathroom redesign. Here are some of the cheapest ways to renovate a bathroom on a light budget.

Plan a Budget with a professional

Work out a budget plan with an experienced bathroom design professional before beginning the bathroom renovation. A professional will make a realistic design, budget, and timeline for you. Hiring a professional designer will save you time and money in the long run.

No need to change the plumbing

You may not need to change the existing pipes and plumbing features in the bathroom. Using the existing toilet and bathtub will save you a lot of money. Moving plumbing fixtures usually cost a lot of money. You wouldn’t have to change them since, in most cases, they will still be in excellent working condition.

Only upgrade the toilet seat

Another smart way to save money during a bathroom renovation is by only replacing the lid and seat with a new one rather than throwing out the whole thing. Changing those two features alone will give your toilet a new look and help you save costs.

Consider using an open shelf

Cabinets are pretty expensive, so you might want to consider getting an open shelf that is less costly. This allows you to achieve a bathroom with a simple look without taking much space.

Buy cheaper vintage vanity

Bathroom vanity remodeling is usually expensive, so getting vintage or antique dressers from an antique store will help you set a sink in it or on it. The vanities from these shops are cheap and unique. Many of them will help you hide any plumbing while providing a countertop for carrying out your daily early morning routine.

No need to tile the bathroom to the ceiling

Tiles are expensive, and there is no need to tile your bathroom walls up to the ceiling. You can choose to buy VJ boards walls that are way cheaper than tiles, thereby saving yourself thousands of dollars. 

You’ll need the help of professional designers to efficiently plan a budget that’ll enable you cut costs and save money while also giving your bathroom a new, fresh look. Contact us at Vega kitchen and bath. Call us today at +1(914)350-3005, and let’s get you started with the best bathroom designs for your budget.

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