Bathroom Designs For Small Spaces

Have you been looking for a way to achieve an airy design in your bathroom? The good news is that you can create a spacious design even in your small bathroom space. Yes – you can feel the warmth and bliss of using a large bathroom right in your small space. 

Here at Vega Kitchen & Bath, we have collated several small bathroom remodeling ideas to help you carry out a DIY bathroom remodel that gives you the feel you’ve always wanted to have in your bathroom. Check out the following bathroom designs. 

1. Choose Light Colors

In order to get your small bathroom space looking airy and spacious, you want to opt for light colors, like pink, beige, white, and cream. Avoid dark colors, as those can make the space feel cramped and tight. White tiles are also an excellent feature for a small bathroom remodel. They can make the entire space look clean and spacious.

2. Consider Modular Storage Solutions For Indian Bathroom Designs

A perfect bathroom design idea for small spaces, which also gives you ample storage space is the modular storage bathroom design. You have other utilities like a washing machine, bathroom cabinets, hair drier, and towels kept within the bathroom and still keep your small bathrooms clutter-free and organized. 

3. Use a Glass Partition To Separate Your Shower Area

In modern bathroom designs, a glass partition is often more relaxed and sleeker for small bathrooms. But beyond that, you still get the feel of a well-organized space. The clear glass partition makes the room appear big and beautiful without causing an obstruction.

4. Make the Most of the Under Sink Area

You can have a perfect vanity storage cabinet right under the sink area. This is a fantastic bathroom renovation idea for homeowners looking to make the most of their small kitchen space. If you have a modern bathroom with a small space, you should give this a try to free up more room in your space. 

5. Floating Vanity Units Are Great for Modern Bathroom Designs For Small Spaces

Have you checked out how floating vanity units installed against your wall can make your kitchen appear? This floating vanity utilizes the vertical space in your bathroom and affords you an open sink design. It is perfect for urban Indian apartments with small spaces.

At Vega Kitchen & Bath, we have a large collection of fantastic and affordable bathroom kitchen designs for small and modern bathrooms. Did you find a suitable choice in this article? If not, feel free to chat with one of our bathroom remodeling and design pros today.

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